Download OneDrive for Mac to increase business productivity

Nowadays, employees are heavily depended on a cloud-based network that helps them to increase work productivity. OneDrive for Mac is becoming increasing popular among end users and cloud IT admins for organizations who are using Microsoft Office 365 suite on their Mac.

OneDrive is a cloud-based network designed by Microsoft to help employees with an Office account provided by the company can save and protect work files to OneDrive for Mac. It allows them to access and share files from anywhere, anytime. Regardless of still being in its infancy stage. More and more users are opting for OneDrive for Business download to stay ahead in the competition.

OneDrive for mac

Get to know how to use OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business download with its 1 TB of cloud storage is your personal online data storage for work. Make file sharing, storing and organizing data easy with OneDrive for Business library. The administrator will determine the available data storage space.

If You’re a project manager in your organization. You can share the work updates with your colleagues to collaborate on project. Depending on what your organizations allow, you can share official documents with clients outside the organization if you’re signed in to your Office 365 account.

To get OneDrive for Mac, Sign-in to your Microsoft Office 365 account. on top left side of the page, select the app launcher and click on “OneDrive”.

To sync OnceDrive for Business app with your local computer, you’ll need the OneDrive for Business sync app which enables you to sync files to your PC. This sync app is available on Office 2013. Office 2016 and with Office 2016 subscription that includes Office 2016 applications.

OneDrive for Business download – benefits for admins and end users  

  • OneDrive for Business sync tool allows end users to operate offline
  • For an incisive view on work productivity.
  • Quickly save attachments to OneDrive for Business
  • You can check available storage space in your OneDrive for Business
  • Enabling and using version control
  • For users who work on SharePoint can configure links to OneDrive for Business
  • Create and host online survey in OneDrive for Business
  • Access files stored in other PCs through OneDrive for Business if you’re signed in your Office account
  • Embed an Office document in a webpage

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