Install Office Setup - Get all Steps for installation and download, activate MS office setup. Enter your Office product key on After visiting login to microsoft account to get office setup, Any problem in our expert will help for office install Download And Install, Activate Office Setup

MS Office suite is the key to systemizeprofessional as well as personal working customs. Not only the professionals, but also the applications are so perfect that students, teachers, and businesspersons can also work more effectively giving out productive results. You can install Microsoft in both the ways- Online and Offline. Earlier, the Office suit was only available in Offline mode where users could install the authentic version using a hard disk. Now, users are different options to go with. However, one should pay attention while installing the software from an online source, as many unauthentic sources are available online.

If you want to purchase an Office setup subscription, login to Microsoft Office account, check other details, or install Office setup on computer, you must visit for authentic product. The process of installation may vary a bit using a hard disk and online mode, but the process of activation is same for each of the Office product.

To know how to install MS Office of different versions on your computer, execute the steps below.

How to install 2007?

(Offline process/ Using a Hard disk)

  1. Insert CD/ DVD in thedisk space of the computer and as the disk is loaded completely, carry on to the next step
  2. Double-click on the new folder generated in My computer folder
  3. A pop-up will appear with the notification of your agreement for installing theMicrosoft Office setup on the device
  4. Click Yes and proceed
  5. Follow the prompts and fill your Office setup product key to complete the installation

How to install 2013?

You can install Office setup 2013 by following the process in the previously mentioned version i.e. using a hard disk. Else, for online installation, find the steps below:

  1. Visit and login to your account
  2. Enter your Office product key to proceed
  • Create an account if you do not have one
  • Purchase your product to get an authentic Office setup Product
  1. Download your Office product
  2. Open the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install it

How to install office setup 2016?

  1. Click righton the Office 2010 Setup.exe file
  2. Go to Properties section
  3. Click the Compatibility tab available at the top of the dialogue box
  4. Select to unmark the check box of the option- the Run this program in compatibility mode
  5. Click Apply to save the setting, and then click OK to confirm
  6. Double-click the Setup.exe file to install Microsoft Office setup 2016

How to install office setup 365?

For Office setup 365, user can choose to install it on multiple devices (depending on your subscriptions). Users can also access their account and perform other task on Office suite from a mobile phone, provided the phone supports MicrosoftOffice setup 365.

  1. Go to and sign in to your Office account
  2. Fill Office product key in its respective field
  3. Download the purchased product
  4. Install it by following the prompts

You have learnt to installation process of Office setup on your computer. The procedure of installing the software is more or less same for all the versions. However, users generally end up facing problems while installing or using Office suite.

Errors while office setup-

  • setup cannot find setup.exe office 2007 (version)
  • Reactivate the Office setup
  • Incorrect Office product key
  • Unable to activate Office 2013 (version)
  • Subscription payment failed or unable to complete the subscription
  • Unknown error has occurred
  • No email with Office product key has received

Other errors may also take place. If you are stuck with an issue, immediately connect to the Office setup customer support to resolve the problem.

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